History of the Beihang-Paderborn Cooperation

April - October 2015

Wu Qicai, researcher from Beihang University, is working in GET Lab.

April 2015

The Chinese students Du Yongwei, Yu Sichun and Zheng Huijun start their 5 month' stay at the University of Paderborn.

March 2015

Prof. Mertsching stays as visiting professor for two weeks at Beihang University.

September 2014

Paderborn students Laban Asmar, Lukas Nölke and Lukas Puls start their exchange semester at Beihang University.

April 2014

The Beihang students Ma Chi, Ma Jiangfan  and Song Jialing are spending a semester in the GET Lab, University of Paderborn.

September 2013

Paderborn student Stefan Schulte starts his exchange semester at Beihang University.

August 2013

Prof. Mertsching met with the Chinese colleagues of the School of Automation and Electrical Engineering in Beijing to discuss and extend the current state of the collaboration.

March 2013

The Beihang students Li Sining, Jiang Yangyang and Deng Dawei start their exchange semester at University of Paderborn.

February 2013

The Paderborn students Thomas Westfechtel, Raphael Hermelingmeier and Mesut Alptekin start their exchange semester at Beihang University.

July 2012

The exchange program between Beihang University and University of Paderborn was approved again. The next exchange will take place in the summer semester of 2013.

April - June 2011

Prof. Yuan Haiwen visits the University of Paderborn for the third time.

September 2010 - February 2011

The Paderborn student Sebastian Holtkotte leaves to spend an exchange semester at Beihang University.

March - July 2010

The Beihang students Li Chenxi and Zhang Lian are spending a semester in the GET Lab, University of Paderborn. At the same time the Paderborn students Timo Korthals and Hannes Theunertleft to spend five months in Beijing.

March 2010

Prof. Mertsching and Tobias Kotthäuser are visiting Beihang University. In the course of their stay the relationship between both universities was enhanced and new cooperations for research and teaching were discussed and prepared.

January - February 2010

Prof. Song Xiao visited Paderborn University to give lectures on the topics Flight Simulation Synthetic Display Research, Virtual Human Simulation and Semantics-based Web Services.

December 2009 - May 2010

In December, the Beihang students Mi Hanguang and Lv Jianxun arrived in Paderborn. They are curently working in the LEA Lab.

September 2009 - February 2010

The Paderborn students Jonathan Rabe and Sanjoy Göhlsdorf left mid-September to spend five months in Beihang.

May 2009

Prof. Yuan Haiwen and engineer Cui Yong visited Paderborn University.

October 2008 - February 2009

In October, three Chinese exchange students arrived in Paderborn. While Lijing Chen and Ma Zhifeng were spending five months at GET Lab, working on hardware-software-co-design and control software for mobile robot systems, Zhang Qimeng stayed at the LEA Lab.

September 2008 - January 2009

The exchange program with Beihang University in Beijing, China is going into its second year. Christopher Masjosthusmann, Philipp Herder and Amin Jbabli left mid-September to spend five months in China.

November 2007 to March 2008

Li Zhang and Chen Jiong, the first exchange students from Beihang University, were spending five months at the GET Lab of the University of Paderborn.

September 2007 to January 2008

After successfully completing the selection process and dealing with all the formalities Michael Bruns, Chunpeng Jia and Bastian Kriegesmann left mid-September to spend five months in China.

January 2007

Approval of the bilateral student exchange program.

September 2006

Professors Joachim Böcker, Horst Grotstollen and Bärbel Mertsching traveled to Beijing for a return visit to expand professional contacts. An exchange of students, Ph.D. students and lecturers is agreed upon.

November 2005

To establish contacts, professors Jiao Zongxia, Yuan Haiwen, Li Xingshan and visited the University of Paderborn, concluding their stay by setting up a cooperation agreement between the School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering, Beihang University and the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Computing Technology, University of Paderborn.

For more than 20 years

In the beginning, it was a professional contact. But over the course of time, a personal friendship developed between Prof. Li Xingshan and Prof. Horst Grotstollen, long since including their families as well.
Now that they are both retired, they finally found time to start off a university cooperation, winning over professors Yuan Haiwen and Jiao Zongxia as well as Joachim Böcker and Bärbel Mertsching for their idea.